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As a provisional capital of Lithuania, Kaunas grew seven times between the world wars 100 years ago. The rapid acceleration was fuelled with a focus on a better, more vibrant, more exciting future – and shaped with a modernist approach. 

Times have changed, the concept of today and the future has changed, yet optimism is still pretty much the only thing that keeps the world going. To explore this cultural phenomenon, we created OPTIMISMO, a weekend-long event that combines in-depth research of the industrial past and the evolution of the outcome to the multilayers of contemporary electronic music, strengthened with the entourage of light and structures. 

Much like the designers of Kaunas’ modernist architecture with their political, social, economic, and cultural optimism 100 years ago, the creators of contemporary music we present in Kaunas dare to experiment with technology and are known for their virtuosity, the non-traditional structure of their pieces, and their unconventional, creative methods. Moreover, every guest of OPTIMISMO comes from a unique location with a specific history of space and architecture, each story adding to the understanding of the importance of the urban network in our lives and artistic practices. 

The music programme of OPTIMISMO combines different experiences, inviting audiences to participate, listen, and expand their understanding of sound, space and technological capabilities by 360 degrees. On June 3–5, 2022, the event will occur at the phenomenally vast spaces of Kaunas’ industrial modernist heritage and exclusive historical and cultural objects. OPTIMISMO is curated by Digital Tsunami and Ghia creative teams. The festival is part of Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 program Modernism for the Future.