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Optimismo Festival
2022. 06. 03–05, Kaunas.
Dancing about architecture


The music programme of OPTIMISMO combines different experiences, inviting audiences to participate, listen, and expand their understanding of sound, space and technological capabilities by 360 degrees. Click to meet the confirmed artists and their connections to specific urban surroundings.

Animistic Beliefs LIVE Bambounou Black Zone Myth Chant LIVE Corin Ernestas Sadau Krikor LIVE Slikback eea FKA M.E.S.H Eivydas K Nick Klein LIVE Nkisi LIVE Osheyack LIVE Shapoka Pandora’s Jukebox Tapan w/ band Times New Roman Weevil

Naujiena – afrikietiškų sutartinių ir itališkų siaubo filmų įkvėpta kūrėja Nkisi

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We have released a limited amount of tickets to separate programs of OPTIMISMO and the full festival experience. The price of the tickets will rise.

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We have gathered a lot of information regarding the concept of OPTIMISMO, its place and time, as well as its urban surroundings and the city of Kaunas.



OPTIMISMO would not be possible without its main partners and supporters, the team behind Kaunas 2022 and its program Modernism for the Future.